• Project Date: 2015

Multi Award winning proof-of-concept short film by writer, director Beau Fowler.


Chameleon is an action, thriller set in the near future where the world is ruled by one governmental power known as the U.N.O. Within a secret prison somewhere in Tokyo, dangerous Resistance Fighters are kept locked away for torture and questioning.


When Samantha, a wild Rebel is captured, she must convince her two untrusting cellmates who were once great warriors to help her escape before Tai, the Prison’s Interrogator decides they are of no use to him.

As the power struggle between Sam, Inmates and Tai rises, this shadowy world full of deceit and espionage reveals that nothing is ever as it seems.


Written and Directed by Beau fowler
Produced by Wolf E. Rubea
Director of Photography Ewan Mulligan

Starring Francesca Fowler, Jonathan Power, Amed Hashimi and Togo Igawa


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